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Uniform Policy

We continue to implement the school uniform policy that was voted on during the 2016-2017 school year. We strive to enhance the school culture of Robert Hill Lane by having all students adhere to our School Uniform Policy.  Our School Uniform Policy and Dress Code will help create a sense of community and encourage pride in our school.


School uniforms will be worn Monday through Thursday with "Free Dress" every Friday that adheres to the School Dress Code.  School uniforms may be purchased at any store and you may also contact Mrs. Alfaro, Lane's Parent and Community Representative for additional locations of where school uniforms may be purchased.  


Lane's selected colors are white or royal blue polo shirts and khaki bottoms.



Dress Code

All students must abide by the dress code on Uniform Days and Free Dress Days.  Students will wear uniforms on Monday through Thursday each week.  Fridays are designated as a “free dress” day, when students can wear any clothes that adhere to our School Dress Code.  Newly enrolled students will have a week-long grace period to adhere to the Uniform Policy.  If a student participates in specially designated school events such as, Spirit Week and Picture Day, free dress will be allowed.  Robert Hill Lane t-shirts can be worn on Fridays.




Color:  Royal Blue or White 

Style:  All polo shirts and blouses must have sleeves and be at appropriate waist length



Color:  Khaki   

Style:  Fitted at the waist or elastic waist 

Fabric:  Twill, cotton, cotton blend, polyester blend, or corduroy

Note:  Shorts must be of appropriate length for elementary students.   



Style:  Students are expected to wear close-toed shoes.  For safety reasons, open-toed shoes and heals are not permitted at school.  Hats may be worn outside during inclement weather with the bill facing forward. Jackets should be age and weather appropriate adhering to the school dress code.


Items NOT allowed:

  • Open-toed shoes and/or heels
  • Drastically over-sized clothing of any kind
  • Clothing or personal items with suggestive words, phrases or graphics that contain or promote illegal or violent content such as weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia.  Any clothing or personal items that contain vulgar, suggestive, discriminatory, and/or obscene words or graphics are also prohibited.  
  • Outdoor hats that are not consistent with the student dress code or not being used for sun protection
  • Any clothing or accessories the staff determines that would distract or deter from the safety and/or learning of the student and/or their peers.